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With us, you are able to register a wide variety of domains at affordable prices. You don't need to have a website to be able to register domains. We offer a free domain-parking and DNS service. Scroll down to see the benefits of having your domain with us. All of our domains are registered outside of the USA and EU.

Transferring your domain to us is simple. Follow the steps below to start your transfer process. Prices for transferring are the same as registering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Benefits of having your domain with us

We are able to offer you extended privacy and low online censorship by registering all the domains in an offshore location, outside of the USA or European Union. Our billing system is simple and our prices always stay the same. You may take advantage of two-factor authentication and other advanced security features with us. You may use our services completely anonymously.

.IS domain registration

.IS domains are country Top Level Domains (cTLD) of Iceland. By registering .IS domain you will benefit from having your domain registry in Iceland instead of EU or USA. This way your domain is fully protected by Icelandic laws and privacy protection. Iceland is also well known location for being a safe haven for journalists and publishers by protecting their freedom of speech. You may register your .IS domain with us instantly by using our online registration service.

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Price list
  • .com€16.90
  • .net€18.90
  • .org€18.90
  • .info€19.90
  • .biz€18.90
  • .in€18.90
  • .de€14.90
  • .tv€39.90
  • .it€15.90
  • .is€68.90
  • .asia€22.90
  • .mobi€19.90
  • .eu€24.90
  • .co€42.90
  • .us€28.90
  • .nl€16.90
  • .cc€49.90
  • .fr€15.90
  • .uk€15.90
  • .space€16.90
  • .me€28.90
  • .systems€28.90
  • .host€129.00
  • .pw€16.90
  • .be€16.90
  • .global€129.00
  • .online€39.90
  • .watch€32.90
  • .tech€59.90
  • .xyz€18.90
  • .nyc€39.90
  • ...more extension
With domain transfer you will receive one year extension on the domain being transferred.

All domains include:

  • ► Private WHOIS
  • ► URL Forwarding
  • ► Sub-domain URL Forwarding
  • ► Catch-all URL Forwarding
  • ► Geographic URL Forwarding*
  • ► Email Forwarding*
  • ► Sub-domain Email Forwarding*
  • ► Real time internet domain name contact update
  • ► Real time internet domain name registrant update
  • ► Free transferring inside the registrar
  • ► Domain parking
  • ► DNS Server list update
  • ► DNS Management
  • ► Total control of your domain names
  • ► Catch-all Email Forwarding*
  • ► 24h Sales & Technical Support

*Not available for .is domains

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