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Showing a green site seal on your website is a great way to promote your website among visitors. When you order any hosting solution with us, you are eligible to add our free site seal to your website.

Getting Certified


If you are already our client, adding a site seal to your website is simple and easy. Just add a short html snippet to your site's source code and you are good to go. You can find instructions for adding the site seal by logging into your cPanel control panel. In case you opted out of cPanel or need assistance with adding the seal, our customer support will be glad to assist you further!

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Why show the green site seal on your website?

The green site seal gives you a great opportunity to start your own green campaign on your website.

  • ► Help prevent climate change.
  • ► Grow your site's reputation instantly among visitors.
  • ► Be a good example to others by using only renewable energy.
  • ► It's completely FREE for you!

Where should the site seal be placed?

The site seal should be placed in a visible area within your website. An ideal spot to place the seal is in, for example, your website's header section. Alternatively, you may also use a floating element that allows you to have the seal always shown, even when the site is being scrolled.

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  • "Here is an example of placing your green site seal into your site's header so all visitors will be able to see it."

Being Green - Does it really make a difference?

Web hosting providers consume significant amounts of energy and, as a result, they produce harmful gases that affect global climate. An average web server produces as much emissions as a large SUV truck. Thus, we feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to neutralize our environmental impact. In order to provide top-quality hosting solutions and 24/7 service, web hosting providers need to run data centers, servers and other related facilities. Most web hosting providers do not use renewable energy and, therefore, they are continuously contributing to the pollution of our beautiful planet.

Renewable energy is not necessarily more expensive than other energy resources. By using green services, you can make a difference and help prevent climate change.

We are now accepting applications for free green site seals!

To apply, please send an email to Your site seal will be activated immediately after your application is approved!

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