Best 5 RUST PVE Servers

So, you are looking for the best RUST PVE servers? Wise choice. Whether you’re looking to try RUST PVE to avoid the infamous toxicity of RUST PVP, or you want to learn the game mechanics in peace without being killed every 5 minutes or log in every day to a raided base. Either way, you will have a good time since most RUST PVE Servers are highly modded and packed with added content since the primary content of RUST is surviving other players.

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What is RUST PVE?

How We Decide?

How To Connect?

Salty Zombies



Raiden RUST

Primal Rage

What is a RUST PVE server?

RUST PVE Servers are a new concept not widely supported by Facepunch, the developers of RUST. They have PVE settings built into the game, but it’s pretty useless compared to the multiple PVE plugin developers by the modding community. As you may be aware, RUST is primarily a PVP game. One of the drawbacks of RUST is that there is no single player. So, if you wish to play the game, you must join a public server. Most of these are not monitored for cheaters or hackers, and to top it off, RUST is infamous for having one of the most toxic communities in gaming history.

So, if anyone wants to learn the game, it becomes tough and quite the exercise in frustration when you are constantly getting beat up. That is why a massive increase in PVE plugins has been developed. Not to mention many event plugins that keep the RUST PVE Servers interesting. Since, without PVP, there isn’t much to fight against. If you are new to RUST or enjoy the PVE side of things, we highly recommend joining the RUST PVE Servers below.

How do we score the best RUST PVE Servers?

Most RUST PVE Servers have the same plugins. The RUST modding community can sell their plugins, so they have some of the best developers making some of the coolest and most well-optimized plugins. The main thing that separates the best RUST PVE servers from the worst is determined by the following:


One of the main things to having a good time on any RUST PVE server is the community. You won’t have a good time if they are toxic, hostile or enjoy trolling new people. So when we join and play on these servers, we also join their Discord and interact with their community.


The one drawback to RUST PVE servers is that they have added many plugins for content to compensate for the lack of danger. Multiple event plugins that have lots of NPCs or most also have Zombies that roam around at night. This is a huge strain on a server’s hardware. So, having any group that invests in expensive hardware to compensate will give their community a great, fun and uninterrupted experience.

Server Staff

The community is a reflection of the team taking care of it. You want a grounded, cheerful and helpful team if you want to have a successful RUST PVE server. So we open up support tickets and act a little difficult to see how the staff remain professional or lose it under pressure.

How to connect to RUST PVE Servers

F1 Connect to RUST PVE Servers

Like most games that have multiplayer, their server lists are not always working the best. RUST is renowned for having servers with Fake Ping and Fake Numbers. The best way to connect to any RUST PVE server is to press F1 when you are in the main game menu. The console will appear, and you can copy and paste the connection command with the IP and Port. We have written them below for you to copy/paste into the F1 console easily. 

#1 Salty Zombies

Salty Zombies not only have the best RUST PVE servers but we were impressed with them with a few other factors. Firstly, the other RUST PVE communities we will list below are dedicated RUST communities. However, Salty Zombies hosts the best RUST PVE servers but also hosts the best ARK PVE servers and a very popular Minecraft server. Being successful in multiple games is a tricky thing to do.

The main thing that caught our eye, though, was how fast their support team was. Like most gaming communities, their ticket support system is done in their Discord. When we created a ticket, the support team asked: “How can we help you?” before I could explain my problem. It wasn’t an automated reply. It was a real person, not a bot, ready on standby to help. Within a few minutes, the issues were resolved. This impressed me immensely, and we haven’t even gotten onto the actual server yet.

Salty Zombies has a very nice custom UI uniquely branded with a smooth and lag-free experience. They invest in high-level hardware, and the results are very noticeable. They also have RUST PVE Servers in multiple locations around the world. USA, EUROPE & ASIA. With over 100+ plugins and custom maps, Salty Zombies are quite easily leading the way when it comes to RUST PVE servers.


  • Very Active Staff
  • Friendly Community
  • Top Of The Line Hardware
  • Premium Mods
  • Custom Maps
  • Monthly Wipes
  • DDOS Protection
  • No Lag


  • Expensive Donor Perks
  • Customisation can be tricky for beginners


Press F1, and in the console, copy/paste the green text below below:



#2 Ragnarok PVP

Although Ragnarok PVP is infamous for its lawless PVP servers, they have a RUST PVE Server. It is a friendly & quickly growing PvE community that features many of your favourite quality of life-related PlugIns to enhance your experience. Enjoy the Raidable Bases, Events, Bosses, Bots, & Custom Attack Helicopters at your own pace. Chances for PvP arise during different events like Abandoned Bases and The Purge, which occurs on the last 24 hours of each wipe.

Quality of Life Features: Kits, Backpacks, Personal Vehicles, Virtual Quarries, Submersible Pumps, Increased Recycling Speed, Base-Wide Workbench, Trading, Auto Lock, Chest Stacking, Quick Smelt, Reward Points & Shop, Increased Stack Sizes, Teleporting, Homes & Warps, Upgrading + Building Skins, Repairing & Instant Barrel.

Inventory and backpack do not drop on death, except for Inventories being lost upon death during the Purge. Players are protected for two hours after logging, then are lootable & killable.


  • Nice Staff
  • Good Community
  • Lots of Plugins
  • Many Events
  • Dedicated Server


  • Sometimes laggy
  • PVP in some areas


Press F1, and in the console, copy/paste the command below:


#3 Admin Coalition

The Admin Coalition is a group dedicated to teaching others how to run their own servers. As an example, they have popular servers that people play on. It just so happens that their RUST PVE server, which has a ton of custom plugins, is one of the most popular servers in the world. One of the team members is an active developer, so the maps and plugins are unique to them. They also have over 160 plugins that, when combined with the custom-built ones, provide exciting experiences.

Like most RUST PVE Servers, the Admin Coalition does force wipes, which means they are wiped monthly, on the first Thursday of every month when Facepunch update the game, forcing all servers to wipe. Another unique aspect of these servers is that you and your team can claim land, which you must protect against other teams. Yes, technically, this part is PVP. But it doesn’t feel like the usual toxicity every day PVP that regular RUST servers are like, and if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.


  • Supportive Staff
  • Fun, engaged community

  • Custom Plugins

  • Premium Events


  • Server occasionally lags at peak times
  • PVP on weekends
  • Low pop


Press F1, and in the console, copy/paste the command below:


#4 PRG

Primal Rage Gaming, or PRG as most call them, has been a gaming community since 2009. Like Salty Zombies, they host multiple games such as RUST, Empyrion and 7 Days To Die. They have a PVE server but with PVP at the major monuments. They do not have a huge variety of Plugins, nor are the staff as active as we liked. Nonetheless, the staff that were online were great, and the community was very friendly and helpful.

They hold quite a few events as well as well across all the games. The founder of Primal Rage Gaming holds his dedicated servers in his home. He mentions he has nothing but the best equipment for the RUST PVE Servers. However, it comes to a downside when their are power outages.


  • Welcoming Staff
  • Friendly Community
  • Decent Hardware


  • Not too many plugins
  • Staff not so active
  • Servers self hosted


Press F1, and in the console, copy/paste the command below:


#5 Raiden RUST

Raiden is another superb RUST PVE Server that does bimonthly wipes (every 2 weeks). But with monthly BP wipes. Their XP and RP points never wipe, though. They have plenty of plugins to keep things interesting and have made custom monuments for a unique twist. They have a friendly, relaxed community and helpful staff. 


  • active Team
  • Good Selection Of Mods
  • Custom Events


  • Quick Wipe Cycles
  • Shared Hosting


Press F1, and in the console, copy/paste the command below:


Final Thoughts

All these RUST PVE Servers are fantastic and offer various things to do. Most of the main plugins are used across all servers, just with different combinations of settings. The real difference between them is the key to running any successful RUST PVE Server. And that’s the 3 categories we judged them by. Community, Team, Hardware and, of course, a decent server set-up.

If you are interested in opening up your own RUST PVE server, you will need a decent host, not just for the game but also to host your WordPress website, and all these RUST servers use custom bots to help them manage the servers and Discords. At OrangeWebsite, we offer excellent and affordable website hosting and high-end VPSs to manage your bots and player databases.