Millenials Love Eco Web Hosting

Millenials Love Eco Web Hosting

Millennials are making their mark in the economy, in the marketplace, and through their world-view. Now, the world’s largest generation, Pew Research defines Millennials as those born from the early 1980’s through the early 2000’s. This generation now ranges in age from late teens to their late thirties. They comprise the largest segment of today’s workforce. They differ from previous generations in a number of ways.

Characteristics of Millennials

Millennials differ from Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers in some important to consider ways.

  • They are more educated than previous generations. About 40% of Millennials between 25 and 29 years old have a Bachelor’s degree. That compares to about 32% of Gen X’ers and slightly less for Baby Boomers. Millennials are educated and like to conduct research prior to making a buying decision.
  • Millennials will often prefer to “use” a product or service than buy it. This is manifested in a variety of business sectors like housing where Millennials are more prone to rent and are buying later in life. They also prefer urban living as opposed to living in the suburbs. In the automotive industry, this means more cars are being leased than purchased by Millennials and Millennials have embraced using bicycles and ride-sharing for transportation. Millennials are even likely to use a library. While there are certainly financial considerations in this attitude, it is also ecological in nature. Millennials, in general, are anti-waste.
  • Millennials are social and enjoy sharing. While it may seem Millennials have their heads buried in digital devices they are actually very social and enjoy sharing ideas and experiences. They will often prefer to use online reviews of a product or service in making a buying decision as opposed to asking the advice of a family member. When they have a poor consumer experience, they are likely to let others know it and will gravitate to companies that share their values.
  • This is a generation that wants to be a part of something bigger and make an impact. While research shows that less than 50% of Millennials want to be associated with their generational label, they have a desire to be a part of a group and contribute to society as a whole. This may reflect itself in political or social involvement. They have a respect for the environment and will often make consumer choices based on the “green” initiatives a company may participate in.

Even knowing just the above aspects about Millennials can help business’ reach this valuable consumer group, including those offering web hosting services.

Millenials Love Eco Web Hosting

Millennials and Web Hosting

As Millennials move through adulthood and into their late thirties, many are choosing an entrepreneurial path, most often including digital storefronts and marketing. Based on the above traits, Millennials will make decisions based on pricing, reviews, services, and technical and customer service. They will often consider whether their web services provider is utilizing green, eco web hosting strategies.

There are two additional aspects to this. The first is that Millennials understand the organic value of eco web hosting. This is based on their core beliefs about the ecology and the environment. The second is that they know the value green hosting can have in their own marketing efforts and how it helps them appeal to their target market. By letting their own prospects and customers know they are using environmentally friendly strategies, it gives them a competitive advantage. This is true of most any product or service and especially for those seeking to grab the attention of Millennials.

Millenials Love Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting at OrangeWebsite is eco web hosting solutions provider based in Iceland. Iceland is a technologically advanced country with a strong and stable tech infrastructure. It is eco-friendly due to the fact that about 99.8% of the power used in the country is from renewable resources like geothermal and hydroelectric. Our cooler climate affords us the ability to operate data centers using significantly less electricity for air conditioning. This not only translates into lower prices but more eco-friendly use of electricity. In addition, OrgangeWebsite takes the added steps of allowing most of our employees to work from home, creating less traffic and fossil fuel use. We even contribute to environmentally-friendly causes and actively participate and contribute to them.

Eco web hosting is not just the right thing to do but at OrangeWebsite, our hosting solutions include the use of our green label on our client’s web pages. This lets customers and potential customers know you are using eco web hosting services.

The Value of Our Green Eco-Friendly Label

To get maximum value from choosing OrangeWebsite’s eco-friendly hosting, we encourage our clients to promote they are pro-environment. This includes the use of our green label badge on every web page on your website. When placing the green site seal on your site, you are providing validation to your customers you are in fact, green. The green seal is fully dynamic and clicking on the seal demonstrates the authenticity of your site and your eco-friendly efforts. Placing the seal on your website is simple and takes no special programming skills. Once signing up for OrangeWebsite’s hosting solutions, you can quickly be on your way to promoting your green initiatives. Even the smallest companies can take advantage of our eco web hosting solutions.

Millennials love eco web hosting because it is Earth-friendly, economical, and a valuable marketing strategy. At OrangeWebsite we also provide exceptional 24/7 technical support, offer quick connections to both North America and Europe, offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and provide a selection of hosting plans to suit your specific needs. We are in a politically stable country that values its freedom of speech and internet. Visit OrangeWebsite to learn more and sign up today. If you want to appeal to more Millennials, start with eco web hosting solutions for your business at



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