5 Reasons To Remain Anonymous In An Infamous Age



REMAIN ANONYMOUS IN AN INFAMOUS AGE – With the advent of social media, it seems everyone is interested in grabbing hold of their 15 seconds of fame. Within the hearts of many who post videos on YouTube, or selfies on Instagram, there lies the hope that their content goes viral and they become famous. What is more likely to happen is that they become infamous. And therein lies the reason it is so important to restrain a passion for glory and remain anonymous online. Here are 5 more undeniable reasons to wear a digital mask while you cyber-engage:

1. Identity: Just because a user is shielding their true identity does not mean they are a criminal. In fact, they might be the exact opposite. They could be a law-abiding citizen protecting themselves from cyber-criminals who would steal their identity. Identity fraud occurs somewhere in the world every 2 seconds. As of 2014, identity theft maintained its 15-year-running number one ranking for consumer complaints within the U.S. according to the Federal Trade Commission. Anonymity online is critical for protection against identity thieves.

2. Personal Protection: Freedom to have your voice heard is a freedom that often requires anonymity for the sake of personal protection. Should a person recognize that there is danger in speaking out, they may choose silence in order to avoid dangerous repercussions. Oppression can take many forms, such as online harassment, stalking, threats, and, in some places around the globe, even arrest and imprisonment. Doxing and swatting are on the rise as forms of digital retaliation:

  • Doxing: An invasive act into online personal information that reveals to all users of the worldwide web a victim’s personal information. It can result in identity theft, harassment, stalking, and even much worse.
  • Swatting: Although calling local authorities on someone and falsely reporting a dangerous situation at a target’s address may seem like a harmless prank, it can result in great harm. When law enforcement breaks down a door with guns drawn, expecting to find an armed intruder in the middle of an act of violence, someone could very well end up shot and killed.

Threats to personal safety after speaking out on a controversial issue become a very serious concern. Exercise your freedom of speech with confidence and security by doing so anonymously.

3. Information On Sensitive Issues: Where does a person go for information if they are struggling with sexual identity? Suicide? Unwanted pregnancy? Many people who are working through challenges that are considered controversial social issues need information in order to make informed decisions. Anonymity empowers individuals to be completely open about their fears, questions and curiosity without the worry of ridicule or being “outed” to their community.


4. Scams: Cyber-thieves are not just interested in stealing your identity. There are many out there who are interested in the age old object of theft, money. One of the most common strategies is the lonely hearts scam. A recently reported scam of that nature exposed imposters impersonating soldiers deployed to the frontlines of war. Imposters romanced ladies online, raking in the cash. The average person is often no match for a highly skilled digital con artist. Many scams are full-fledged criminal organizations. These bad actors are experienced in identifying and profiling who will make a good mark. Their scripts have been carefully cultivated, edited for better results after each engagement. The best protection against being targeted is an anonymous online persona designed to put off would-be scam artists.

5. Protection From The Protectors: Sometimes, a person actively seeking to protect themselves online may even be victimized by those they thought were their digital protectors. Services are on the rise touting themselves as virtual private network (VPN) services offering 100% anonymity. These VPN scams post fake reviews that make everything seem legitimate. Unwary victims do not realize they have just signed up with a service hosted by cyber-criminals who are most likely located in a jurisdiction where there will be little hope for justice. The secure and private browsing experience turns into an identity theft and fraud nightmare.

Even if the jurisdiction of a server seems safe by being located in a top tier country, the user’s experience may actually be far from private. Many top tier nations, such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, etc., cooperate to collect, share and analyze data in joint mass surveillance efforts. Iceland, however, is one top tier nation where VPN users can expect true anonymity.

Becoming Truly Anonymous: Using a service to remain anonymous online can provide many more benefits than just identity protection. Companies like OrangeWebsite have business models that reflect social responsibility  and an array of service options:

  • Private domain registry empowers online business owners with identity protection.
  • Web hosting solutions are scaled to meet the needs of every site, regardless of size and amount of traffic.
  • For those interested in being a responsible consumer, OrangeWebsite is the perfect choice, operated 100% by green energy.
  • What makes OrangeWebsite a cut above the rest is that freedom of speech and online anonymity are their primary commitments to clients.
  • No endless email spam urging clients to sign-up for their next great feature.
  • No hidden costs arrive attached to monthly service fees.
  • BitCoin payment option to ensure the strongest identity protection.

For a truly private online experience, take advantage of partnering with a service that says a loud and firm, “NO”, to NSA spying and data collection. Enjoy the confidence that those who disagree with your perspectives will not be able to find you and harass you. Don’t suffer the frustration that comes with censorship. Exercise your freedom of speech and consider that, by doing so, you are doing your part to help make the world a better place. Please contact us to begin your anonymous online experience.



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