5 Reasons To Remain Anonymous In An Infamous Age




REMAIN ANONYMOUS IN AN INFAMOUS AGE – With the advent of social media, it seems everyone is interested in grabbing hold of their 15 seconds of fame. Within the hearts of many who post videos on YouTube, or selfies on Instagram, there lies the hope that their content goes viral and they become famous. What is more likely to happen is that they become infamous. And therein lies the reason it is so important to restrain a passion for glory and remain anonymous online. Here are 5 more undeniable reasons to wear a digital mask while you cyber-engage:

1. Identity: Just because a user is shielding their true identity does not mean they are a criminal. In fact, they might be the exact opposite. They could be a law-abiding citizen protecting themselves from cyber-criminals who would steal their identity. Identity fraud occurs somewhere in the world every 2 seconds. As of 2014, identity theft maintained its 15-year-running number one ranking for consumer complaints within the U.S. according to the Federal Trade Commission. Anonymity online is critical for protection against identity thieves.

2. Personal Protection: Freedom to have your voice heard is a freedom that often requires anonymity for the sake of personal protection. Should a person recognize that there is danger in speaking out, they may choose silence in order to avoid dangerous repercussions. Oppression can take many forms, such as online harassment, stalking, threats, and, in some places around the globe, even arrest and imprisonment. Doxing and swatting are on the rise as forms of digital retaliation:

  • Doxing: An invasive act into online personal information that reveals to all users of the worldwide web a victim’s personal information. It can result in identity theft, harassment, stalking, and even much worse.
  • Swatting: Although calling local authorities on someone and falsely reporting a dangerous situation at a target’s address may seem like a harmless prank, it can result in great harm. When law enforcement breaks down a door with guns drawn, expecting to find an armed intruder in the middle of an act of violence, someone could very well end up shot and killed.

Threats to personal safety after speaking out on a controversial issue become a very serious concern. Exercise your freedom of speech with confidence and security by doing so anonymously.

3. Information On Sensitive Issues: Where does a person go for information if they are struggling with sexual identity? Suicide? Unwanted pregnancy? Many people who are working through challenges that are considered controversial social issues need information in order to make informed decisions. Anonymity empowers individuals to be completely open about their fears, questions and curiosity without the worry of ridicule or being “outed” to their community.


4. Scams: Cyber-thieves are not just interested in stealing your identity. There are many out there who are interested in the age old object of theft, money. One of the most common strategies is the lonely hearts scam. A recently reported scam of that nature exposed imposters impersonating soldiers deployed to the frontlines of war. Imposters romanced ladies online, raking in the cash. The average person is often no match for a highly skilled digital con artist. Many scams are full-fledged criminal organizations. These bad actors are experienced in identifying and profiling who will make a good mark. Their scripts have been carefully cultivated, edited for better results after each engagement. The best protection against being targeted is an anonymous online persona designed to put off would-be scam artists.

5. Protection From The Protectors: Sometimes, a person actively seeking to protect themselves online may even be victimized by those they thought were their digital protectors. Services are on the rise touting themselves as virtual private network (VPN) services offering 100% anonymity. These VPN scams post fake reviews that make everything seem legitimate. Unwary victims do not realize they have just signed up with a service hosted by cyber-criminals who are most likely located in a jurisdiction where there will be little hope for justice. The secure and private browsing experience turns into an identity theft and fraud nightmare.

Even if the jurisdiction of a server seems safe by being located in a top tier country, the user’s experience may actually be far from private. Many top tier nations, such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, etc., cooperate to collect, share and analyze data in joint mass surveillance efforts. Iceland, however, is one top tier nation where VPN users can expect true anonymity.

Becoming Truly Anonymous: Using a service to remain anonymous online can provide many more benefits than just identity protection. Companies like OrangeWebsite have business models that reflect social responsibility  and an array of service options:

  • Private domain registry empowers online business owners with identity protection.
  • Web hosting solutions are scaled to meet the needs of every site, regardless of size and amount of traffic.
  • For those interested in being a responsible consumer, OrangeWebsite is the perfect choice, operated 100% by green energy.
  • What makes OrangeWebsite a cut above the rest is that freedom of speech and online anonymity are their primary commitments to clients.
  • No endless email spam urging clients to sign-up for their next great feature.
  • No hidden costs arrive attached to monthly service fees.
  • BitCoin payment option to ensure the strongest identity protection.

For a truly private online experience, take advantage of partnering with a service that says a loud and firm, “NO”, to NSA spying and data collection. Enjoy the confidence that those who disagree with your perspectives will not be able to find you and harass you. Don’t suffer the frustration that comes with censorship. Exercise your freedom of speech and consider that, by doing so, you are doing your part to help make the world a better place. Please contact us to begin your anonymous online experience.

Freedom of Speech Amendment

Freedom of Speech Amendment
Freedom of Speech Amendment

Freedom of Speech Amendment

How Orange Website Policies Promote Your Right to Publish Anything.

You may not be located in the U.S., but you know that nation has a freedom of speech amendment that protects individuals from being able to talk or publish on any topic — even controversial religious, political or sexual subjects. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution sets an ideal for the world in protecting your right to say what you think.

At the same time, under certain circumstances, even courts in the U.S. can require internet service providers or web hosting service providers to release data about their customers. One example is in cases where copyright may have been violated. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), companies who claim copyright violations can ask an internet service provider to remove websites that may contain copyrighted materials and can sue for information on the person who posted it. The problem with a DMCA Takedown request is that the requesting party may not even need to prove the copyright violation and it can be used to silence or remove controversial material. In some cases, the material in question was covered under fair use guidelines or was not even owned by the requester.

Outside the U.S., other nations may place tight restrictions on what you can say, even online. In March, an city civil court in India ruled that a news website had to remove two articles that criticized a local politician. Last year, news websites in Ecuador were told by the government to remove stories and images, and some sites suffered suspicious Denial-of-Service attacks that shut down their sites after publishing stories about potential corruption.

No matter where you’re located in the world, you want a truly free web hosting company that will completely protect your right to publish without harassment, censorship or legal threats. That’s where OrangeWebsite hosting comes in. We’re based in Iceland, where freedom of expression is protected by the constitution. In the global community, Iceland’s legislature is known for strongly advocating freedom of speech and a free press. Bloggers and journalists have the freedom to publish virtually anything without fear of being uncovered or legally prosecuted.

Freedom of Speech Amendment
Freedom of Speech Amendment - DMCA Take Down Notice

Freedom of Speech Amendment

OrangeWebsite can’t protect you from legal prosecution in your country, but we can ensure that your website that reports on the government won’t be taken down on the whim of an angry politician. We also do not respond to DMCA Takedown requests; any legal action to censor your website must be filed in Icelandic court and approved by an Icelandic judge. Because of our very lenient laws, this is rare.

Security and privacy matters. We don’t release your information to others and we don’t allow you to be censored, even if your published material is controversial. We do require that you follow our terms of service and the very liberal Icelandic laws to be our customer, but we think you’ll find there’s no better home for your site, no matter what you’re saying.

Want to know more about why we’re the best fit for you? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • We’re located in a convenient geographical location. Because we’re halfway between North America and the European continent, we can offer blazing fast connection speeds to customers in either location. (At last measure, you could connect from Europe in 29 ms and the U.S. in 39 ms — pretty speedy.) That means your site will load quickly and perform well for visitors from either location, and for that matter, around the world.
  • You don’t have to provide personal data. Well, we do need an email address so we can contact you, but we don’t ask for any other details. We’ve found we can provide excellent service to our customers without needing to know names, addresses or other contact information. While we take every possible step to protect our servers, we also know you’ll be happy that hackers can’t ever access your personal data — because it’s not there to take.
  • We don’t reveal any of your information. We don’t have to legally make any customer details available to the Icelandic government — or any other government or organization in the world. Even though we don’t store your details, we don’t have to give up even the little we do have to anyone who asks. Your identity is protected with us.
  • We accept BitCoin. BitCoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. You can use BitCoin to pay your invoices without sharing any personal details. Plus, there are no transaction fees for using BitCoin. We use the current exchange rate between euros and BitCoin.
  • We’ll keep your website safe from attack. Attackers have increased as their methods have become more sophisticated and widely shared. If you’re running a controversial website, it may be more likely to be targeted by folks who don’t like you or consider themselves your competition. We’re one of the few companies in the world to offer high-end DDoS protection methods, including against Layer 7 (application layer) attacks. You pay for the level of protection you need.
  • We require two-factor authentication. Another way to protect against your information being stolen or used, or your website being taken down, is to require two-factor authentication. Each time you log in, your phone gets an automatic text message with a code that you use for access. Use any number capable of receiving SMS data — it doesn’t have to be connected to your name in any way. Two-factor authentication virtually guarantees that even if your password gets cracked, an intruder can’t get into your website files.
  • We’re proactive against all types of security threats. Our team includes server security specialists and “ethical hackers” who are constantly checking our systems for issues. We also keep our software updated with the latest security patches and perform regular audits to ensure there are no easy ways to access our servers. Every connection to our servers goes through a 256-bit SSL layer just to make absolutely certain your information isn’t getting viewed or captured by an outside source.
Freedom of Speech Amendment

Freedom of Speech Amendment:

Picture of the Bill of Rights First Amendment.

What’s more, we are there for you, no matter where you’re located. Our 24-hour response team is available to help if you run across any issues with your service, and an authorized staff member is always keeping an eye on our security. Our professional support staff can customize solutions for you if you need specialized assistance.

You may also be pleased to know that we do all this with a focus on sustainability. While it doesn’t impact your ability to remain private, you should know our servers run on 100 percent green energy. Iceland is home to many options for renewable resources and we take full advantage of these to power our servers and reduce pollution from traditional energy sources.

Do you have more questions about Freedom of Speech Amendment and how we can maintain your privacy and security as a publisher, blogger or journalist, no matter where in the world you’re physically located? We’d be happy to talk to you and set up a custom plan that meets your needs. Contact us for information about our security or our server plans.

The Importance of Using Anonymous Website Services Online

Anonymous Website Services
Anonymous Website Services

In a world that is becoming more interconnected with more and more powerful governments and corporations moving through it by the day, anonymous internet services are becoming increasingly more and more critical. Here’s some information about these types of services, including why they are important and how they can be used.

Internet Hosting Anonymity Services Tips: Overview and Bitcoin

Anonymity should be one of the most important things you focus on when you go to look at potential web host options. After all, this is going to be one of the areas where you could have your identity revealed or have sensitive information get out if this is something that you’re worried about currently.

This means that you have to focus on a few particular options within this area in order to from the basis of your decision. For example, one question that it’s worth asking early is whether or not a hosting company takes Bitcoin or not.

This is important for a number of reasons. It’s important for the obvious reason, which is that this would allow you to pay for your hosting with Bitcoin, which is a more anonymous way to pay for everything than the other common means of payment which often include PayPal and credit cards right at the top of the list.

These aren’t especially anonymous because they both tend to require that you hand out full details about yourself such as address and name. In the case of PayPal, there’s even a push to connect it with a bank account in order to get full functionality.  When it comes to credit cards, many of them even ask for a whole lot of information such as your social security system in the United States, for example.

But, with Bitcoin, once you fund your wallet, you can divorce the payment from yourself a bit. There are strategies to swap around coins too in order to make it even more anonymous. You can pay with cash at certain terminals that accept conversion from cash to Bitcoin directly.

Internet Hosting Tips: Other Markers to Look For

Besides Bitcoin or other anonymous options, there are other services within the hosting service that can be important in your determination about whether a company is going to be worth it to you if anonymity is your primary concern. For example, the country that a company is located in can make a major difference in terms of how safe you feel getting hosting services from them.

One example of this is OrangeWebsite, which has operations in Iceland. This country is often lauded for their privacy laws so this could be a good choice if you check out Iceland yourself and come to the same conclusion. Other people might simply try to avoid hosting services in countries they don’t trust due to poor privacy laws. There are also other nations out there that might be good for this such as Canada, which has user privacy protections, or Switzerland, which is often known for being neutral and not accepting demands for information from other countries that easily.

Anonymous Website Services

VPN Services

Another important privacy service worth mentioning is a Virtual Private Network. This is something that connects your computer’s Internet to a third party before it connects to a website. As a result, you’re able to make it seem like a different IP address, that is, a different computer other than yours connects to wherever online.

This extends to all of your connections, including anything you download or upload with other programs, for example. It can protect the security and privacy of a Skype video call, Facebook Facetime, or anything else that you want to keep protected. These services often use much higher level encryption than they would have otherwise, even the AES 256-bit encryption that’s known as being so secure plenty of corporations used it. This is actually important with services like Skype because they don’t really offer encryption on their own much of the time. The person you’re talking to will also not automatically get your IP address so you can keep it private.

Many people online speak of the importance of making sure that you pay for a VPN, because if you try to use a free one, there’s always the chance that the VPN is selling your information because, the idea is, if they don’t sell a product, then the product could be you and your data.

If you have some reason especially to make sure you can’t be traced, such as dealing with a government that has reason to snoop on you, then it’s important to try to have the whole package deal when it comes to your security and anonymity. That’s exactly why it’s helpful to pair a privacy and security conscious hosting service with a VPN for added security when you’re running a website and are trying to make sure that you can say what you want without being snooped on by governments, third party organizations, hackers, or anyone else that has no business looking into yours.

Proxy Services

One alternative to a VPN if you don’t need or don’t want to secure every connect, is to instead use another type of Internet privacy service called a proxy. These will mostly just secure your web browsing itself directly.

It can be a secondary option that will work well for you if you find one in a country you trust with a company you trust so that you can do what you have to do online anonymously, including running your website through a reputable company, for example.

For more information on privacy services including secure hosting and others, please contact us today.