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We are Different


We are a hosting company you can rely on and we deliver the service our customers expect. Unlike most hosting providers, we don't try to trap you with “unlimited hosting” plans, because such things simply do not exist in reality. We also won’t spam your mailbox with endless marketing emails. You will receive emails just a few times a year and only in case we believe it is something important. You will be charged only the prices that are shown on the website. There are no hidden costs or setup fees. In case you decide to upgrade your service, we don't charge extra for it. You will only pay the difference between your existing service and the service to which you wish to upgrade.

Mid-way Location to Serve Visitors from Europe and America

Our geographical location gives us unique benefits to provide an equally fast connection to both major internet markets, America and Europe. You can connect to us from Europe within 29ms and within 39ms from the USA. This way, your website will always load in high speed and with low latency from both continents.

Anonymous and Private Web Hosting Solution


We take protecting your privacy seriously. You may have read occasionally in the news about large customer databases being compromised and how people's personal information was stolen by hackers. With us, you don't have to worry about such things. First of all, we only ask you to provide your email address to use our services, so there won't be much information for any prospective hacker to steal. After all, we don't need to know much about you to be able to provide you a satisfactory service, do we? We also invest significantly into the security of our systems. We never reveal any information regarding our clients to a third party, including domestic or foreign governments.

We protect Your Freedom of Speech

Our job is to ensure that you won't be censored or harassed by someone who doesn’t agree with you. We will keep your website up and running as long as there is no violation of our Terms of Service or the Icelandic laws.

We Accept BitCoin Payments


BitCoin is the fastest growing and most popular cryptocurrency available. You can pay your invoices securely, quickly and without transaction fees by BitCoin. Using BitCoin also protects your online privacy. Read more about how BitCoin works on our BitCoin payments page.

We operate using 100% renewable energy. Click here to read more about how we do it and why it is important to use green energy resources instead of fossil fuels.

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