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Our goal is to be nothing less than the best web hosting service provider on the market. As you can imagine, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We want to work closely with our clients to get general feedback to improve our services accordingly. Here you can view recent reviews and comments written by our existing clients.

The Black Triangle Campaign

This group is established to galvanize opposition to the current vicious attack on the rights of the disabled by the Government using "Work Capability Assessments" to re-classify genuinely sick and disabled individuals as "fit for work".

" gave The Black Triangle Campaign a fantastic opportunity to escape from the corporate legal bullying that was being carried out against us and the service that we have received since transferring our websites to them has been exemplary, we can heartily recommend them."

- Phil Lockwood, United Kingdom


Accounting and Human Resources, and our goals are to help small companys to grow and thrive.

"My experience using services is great, almost instant reply and support when needed and great comunication with the helpdesk."

- Jonnatha Ivan Gallegos Reyes


Mixing-Head sells spare parts for dispensing machines. We reach out to customers based in Europe, ASIA and the USA. We need 100% uptime and a reliable service that can act quick and professional to keep us available to customers 24/7.

"We had nothing but good experience with and their support team. They are fast, reliable and they know what they are doing. There is a solution for any budget or company size, this helped us to grow online on the same pace as we grew in real life. I highly recommend to any start-up!"

- Markus, Sydney-Australia


I am a musician and street photographer based in Montreal Canada. Both my record label elektric cafe music and photo blog hobotographer reflect that.

"I have been using for 6 years now, running 3 sites for myself and setting up sites for my friends. I have never seen a company that responded to emails so quickly and replying every, 5 minutes until the issue was resolved. The fact that is green and in support of free speech is just a bonus. The service is incredible and I push all my friends to use it a when every, they need a website. "

- Amin Habbal


We are a small photogrpahy business based out in France.

" has been my provider for close to a year (as of this writing in september 2017) and I am very satisfied with the services offered by the company. My site is growing and my SEO is working great! My customers are very happy to browse my website, especially that it is 100% green! This is an important value in France."

- Julian


My website is mainly to help entrepreneurs and people with businesses. Learn how to market your business with authenticity and integrity. Get your point across with clarity to attract more of your Ideal clients.

"I have been working with Adalsteinn to migrate 2 sites and setup a new was a difficult job as the existing sites were hacked at the old host. The service and attention has been nothing short of "Amazing"

- Lee Gross

Silver Engines

Fantastic support from Júlíus at ! Very quick response and turnaround to a password issue. Couldn't ask for better support. :).

- Admin


Having just taken over the admin of a forum, I found the orange team fabulous, and most helpful.

- Anna


We use because we need premium email accounts and cloud storage that the Federal Government of the United States and the authorities in the United States cannot access. provides the best premium email account service that money can buy.

- Jessica Johnson

Freddy Hartman

Freddy Hartman is an Artist and shows new ways of musical perfection. The goal is to become famous with bizarre “out of the box” Ideas to revolutionize the mainstream. is in my experience one of the best webhosting provider on the global market, since they have a great costumer service, care a lot about your privacy and are always open to new ideas such as bitcoin!

- Freddy Hartman

My Global Door

My Global Door shows how to live a better life, with solutions from different countries such as high privacy laws, low cost of living, fair-tax systems down to 0%, offshore-banking and much more! is a great webhosting provider who cares a lot about your privacy!

- My Global Door


We are small group of latvian orthodox christians. Our free time we are spending for translation ancient Eastern christian father books from different languages to latvian. is beautiful platform, easy to use, easy to communicate.

- Bjork


Colique-Nephretique is a blog about kidney stones and how to prevent them. I like the fact that I can buy a domain name with an extension like .fr to reach more easily french customers but from Iceland domain host, a country that cherishes the true freedom of speech.

- Stephane


It is about transparent information about vaccines. I love the service and the privacy they give. They even moved my old site to the new host for free.

- Ohmy

The Dreaming

My website began as a blog and art site as a means for my to market myself as an artist and author, like so many others do—and because of my skills between scripting and painting I could make the website an art-piece in and of itself. However, I am much more than an artist. I chose to have it hosted in Iceland by a supportive and moralistic company so that I can help create a world I would want my children to live in—those “future ancestors” from whom we borrow the earth. And, gradually, the site became a place for me to explore my philosophical musings, poetry, and essays on the nature of life as well. is an outstanding company. I chose them because of their humanitarian philosophy (their privacy policy, as well as terms and conditions, are a beacon in a dark night), and their compassion for the environment in running their services completely from green energy (not to mention their support of the Canopy Project).

- The Dreaming Sentinel


Our site documents the Canadian government's corruption and refusal to respect the rule of law. That is why we decided from the beginning to host in Iceland with OrangeWebsite. Iceland has great privacy laws. Orange is also committed to privacy. For example, I spent a whole day trying to anonymously register a domain name in Canada. I couldn't do it without government ID. The next morning, I registered our domain name (in Iceland) through OrangeWebsite in 10 minutes!. If you are an activist, we highly recommend using Orange!. Furthermore, OrangeWebsite technical support has been fantastic - fast, courteous, and helpful. Highly recommended!

- Kwik-E-Mart

Rigole Family

Jonathan M. Rigole is the author of two stories for older children and young adult readers: "Jessica's Dolphin" and "The Story of Sophia Turner". An author who enjoys writing for younger readers, Jonathan M. Rigole was born in Belgium in 1977, and is a big fan of British culture and literature. We have been a customer of OrangeWebsite for more than 3 years, because they are the most reliable email provider that money can buy.

- RigoleFamily

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