The new coronavirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) is now a global emergency, and it has been declared by WHO a pandemic. Due to the virus spreading all over the world, life as we know it is seriously impeded. Our daily activities have been jolted. Governments have set aside trillions of dollars to deal with the crisis. Economies are struggling, increasing job losses; small and large industries scaling back or shutting down (Read here it COVID-19 is affecting us). Many of us are now staying at home scared because of the disease. Others don’t seem to care and walk around spreading the virus. The last serious pandemic, Spanish Flu, happened around 100 years ago (1918-1919) and it killed as many as…

…Stop it now! Enough with all that negativity. There are only a few incidents so bad that one could not turn it into something positive. With all that said now is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain new skills during this quarantine period.

Release Your Inner Creativity or Get a New Hobby

Starting a blog to expressing your views or writing about a topic you feel passionate about is a great idea. You can write stories of your lifelong experiences or talk about present events in your life. You can blog about something you are an expert at, or you can start your own sports, fashion or DIY blog.

There are numerous ways we can learn about what may interest us and grow into new endeavors, while getting our minds off stressful situations. If you are artistic, why not try Photoshop and learn the art by creating cards or editing your photos of yourself, friends and family? Use this time to let loose your inner creativity. Connect via Facebook, post your pics on your blog or Instagram, make videos on Youtube. Learning and adapting to different situations is the new normal and will help you in the long run. If you already have a blog, here is a great article about how to monetize your blog and start earning passive income from it.

Network & Start Planning a New Project or Business

Use LinkedIn to create a profile to link with people with similar mindset. Setup a think-tank and start working on that great idea you once had, but never had the time to get to it. The crisis won’t last long and if you spend your time wisely, you will have a great startup plan ready when things are getting better.

Ready to go online or build a website?

According to Statista as of April 13th, 2020, there are 4.54 billion active internet users globally. Making your own website is easier than you think. Not a tech savvy person – why not trying a website builder? A website builder is a software or tool that allows you to create personal, business, and eCommerce websites without needing coding or designing skills.

Site builders such as Sitepad makes it easy for bloggers, freelancers, hobbyists or business owners to build a website. With over 380 responsive themes, the site builder cover categories such as blogging, business, portfolio website, travel, food and more. You can include in widgets such as image/view slide, image galleries, rich text, Google maps, contact forms, social media and much more.

If you are more experienced and want more freedom with designing your own page you can take advantage of our one-click script installer tool Soltaculous. Which is an exceptional Auto installer having 453 excellent scripts and more are still being added all the time. Choose the CMS or platform you prefer and get to it. There are numerous free guides online to walk you through solutions that you need.

The best thing about Softaculous is that complex operations, such as backing up your database or all the Website’s information can be performed with just one click. So can scrips installation or upgrading the system. Softaculous saves you the inconvenience of importing scripts for backing up your website manually.

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