It has been a really busy year for us at OrangeWebsite as we have been working hard internally to improve our systems to serve better both our existing and new clientele. As most of our old customers know, since the very beginning, we have been encouraging our staff to work online from remote locations. For this reason, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic does not affect much to our way of working. Nearly all our staff have been safe from the virus at their home offices, performing their duties soundly and we intend to keep this procedure continuing as well in the future.

Our commitment

No one really knows what the next weeks or months will bring and exactly what kind of impact this pandemic will have on the economy and web hosting industry. Luckily for us, our company has remained debt free and lucrative up until the present day. Whereas many other companies have been forced to lay off people and are sizing down their operations at least temporarily. This puts a lot of workers in a tough situation and causes stress for those who are not sure what measures their employer will take.

We at OrangeWebsite are committed to make sure that our staff will not lose their jobs, nor will there be any cuts to working hours during the crisis. This means that every single person who is on our payroll will get paid timely – except for myself. As I have decided to not accept my paychecks for the next three months (March – May 2020), in order to do what I can to help the rest of our team.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Even we are now facing tough times, I am sure that in the end we will beat this thing and the future will bring more positive news. Now as many people are locked down to their homes, it is the perfect time to educate yourself about online work. Such as building your own website or starting your blog and we offer perfect tools for this. Our website builder is designed for people who has no past experience in making websites. Only the basic computer skills are more than enough.

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Stay safe, take care of yourself and wash your hands! 🙂