Organic Web Hosting

Organic Web Hosting

Organic Web Hosting

The word “organic” means “from the living”. Organically grown foods have become increasingly popular across the globe because they are thought to be healthier for humans and the planet. Organic foods are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides and the word itself has come to be identified with being “natural”. The word has become so widely accepted its use has spread beyond agriculture and is now even used in technology. Organic search engine rankings, for example, are non-paid rankings. They are generally achieved through search engine, algorithm-friendly tactics like pertinent and timely content and keyword and keyword phrases. There is another form of organics growing in popularity in the tech sector. It is that of organic web hosting.

What is Organic Web Hosting?

Organic hosting is web hosting that is accomplished using environmentally friendly, or “green” tactics, strategies, and facilities. While energy is obviously a critical part of powering data centers, organic hosting uses it in a more responsible manner. There can also be other elements to organic hosting like the use of efficient servers, minimized use of cooling equipment, and more. To understand the need for organic hosting options, one should first understand the significant use of electricity being used to power data centers.

Data Center Energy Use

We tend to forget that for every web page that is visited, email that is sent or online video that is viewed, energy is being consumed in a data center somewhere. It may be in a small closet-style server room or in a large facility but for every digital action, there is an electrical reaction. But it is more than just the energy to power servers that are using up massive amounts of energy. It takes significant cooling and air conditioning and power backup systems.

While some data centers have improved their energy efficiency, it is still estimated that 85% of data centers across the globe are using far more energy than is necessary. The challenge is, many data centers are located in located mild or temperate climates where air conditioning may be needed to cool them year round. In addition, some web hosting companies have their customer base largely in just a few time zones. Servers operate and use energy 24/7 but they may not be heavily accessed for a full third of the day. Web hosting companies may also be powered by electricity produced using fossil fuels which are anything but an “organic” way to operate.

Data tracking energy use from data centers was not even gathered in the United States until 2008. While indications were that energy use would flatten out due to the use of more efficient servers being deployed, the U.S. Government still estimates that 10% of all the energy it uses goes to powering data centers in the country. That is the equivalent of energy used in of millions of homes.

When it comes to energy consumption and pollution, data centers have been compared to the steel mills of the 1950’s and 1960’s. While they may not be responsible for huge amounts of air pollution, data centers are using an increasing amount of energy and contributing to the use of fossil fuels. The answer is more eco web hosting and organic web hosting solution providers.

Organic Web Hosting

Choosing as Your Organic Web Hosting Provider provides organic web hosting solutions you can feel good about. With data centers located in Iceland, the use of air conditioning is minimized, saving energy. Not only does save energy with its Icelandic location, but the country produces virtually all of its energy from renewable sources like geothermal. With a location between North America and Europe, our clients are in a large number of time zones. In fact, we have web hosting clients in over 100 countries worldwide. We even support green initiatives like the worlds biggest beach clean up and have most of our employees work from home to minimize travel, energy use, and to we create less traffic. But organic web hosting is more than just a “feel good” option. It can be good for business.

Growing Your Business with Organic Web Hosting

Businesses should choose an organic and eco web hosting solutions provider because it is the right thing to do. But it also can be a way to grow your business. Organic web hosting appeals to a growing market who wants to be associated with environmentally-friendly companies. We make a variety of easy to install digital “Green Seals” available to our customers. When placed on the pages of your website, these seals validate you as a company who utilizes “green” initiatives. It demonstrates your desire to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.

One of the best aspects of organic web hosting with is that there are no sacrifices to be made. We offer pricing that is extremely competitive along with a variety of hosting solutions to suit a wide range of companies. Our 24/7 support is responsive, knowledgeable, and available. We are located in a country that values its privacy and has some of the most internet protective policies in the world. With, you have our guarantee of a 99.9% uptime. We are an ultra-secure web hosting company and we accept multiple payment options from Bitcoin, altcoins to credit cards to cash by mail. Signing up with us is anonymous and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are in search of an organic, eco web hosting solutions provider, we encourage you to learn more about



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