Net Neutrality Violations – Protecting Your Privacy

Net Neutrality Violation
Net Neutrality Violation

One piece of news that’s worth noting these days in terms of how it affects those who worry about anonymity in their sites and in their browsing is the news about Net Neutrality in the United States.

Current News Related to Net Neutrality

The refrain in the United States is about “removing regulations” over and over, regardless of the effect this has on anonymity. Regardless of your views on regulations, a case can be made that net neutrality laws are one area where regulation may be helpful.

Essentially, net neutrality is the idea that you shouldn’t allow corporations such as Internet Service Providers impose a kind of monopoly on the Internet that allows them to impose their will over other sites and browsers, ruining the idea of an Open and Free Internet. This can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. For example, some people are worried that ISPs that don’t have to deal with regulations forcing a neutral approach might favor some web traffic over others.

If the ISP owns or has partnered with a particular video service, for example, they might let traffic using that video service go faster and work better than other options. Additionally, it’s possible that you might have concerns about the privacy of information moving through the Internet over your ISP if there aren’t rules there to ensure that private information about you is properly protected.

For example, some laws make it so that your ISP can sell data about you to other companies so that they know what you buy in terms of products as well as other information that can be used against you in various different ways.

Net Neutrality Violation

Reactions and Risks

Obviously, the Internet has a strong response to this type of policy making whenever it happens, or at least it often does. Many sites like Google and Reddit, for example, add advertisements to their front page that talk about the dangers of losing Net Neutrality on times when the news about it isn’t good. This is the level of interest and importance that the matter is often afforded.

This is something that often affects not just the United States, but many different areas. Obviously, the direct effects will be in the U.S. when it comes to local regulations there about Net Neutrality, but just about every area will be at risk, sooner or later, of having some law that frays these freedoms. Plus, even beyond direct effects, occurrences like those in the U.S. may have many indirect effects.

For example, the United States tends to have a lot of soft influence over many parts of the rest of the world. Other countries may seek to emulate them. Plus, if ISPs can sell data, then it’s possible that this could end up making its way to copyright holders, governments, and other third parties who may seek to use this data against people who would rather remain private.

It’s hard to say just how far down the rabbit hole it will all go in the end. That’s why it’s important to maintain vigilance in fighting such attacks on Net Neutrality on a community level. However, it’s also important to remain cognizant of the law and to also fight against it on a personal level if this becomes necessary. You really don’t want to end up being left out in the lurch because you failed to account for a change in a local or international law.

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Net Neutrality, Web Hosting, and Slippery Slopes

What all of this means, practically, is that you need to be cautious when it comes to doing any business online. This includes all parts of online interactions including browsing as well as web hosting. This is because it looks like in the future, it[‘s possible that there may be time periods where you will be unable to rely on your ISP to keep your information safe. There may be web hosting sites that may end up being unreliable as well.

If you choose sites that are reliably secure, both in how they handle encryption and in the way that they choose to relate to anonymity. Essentially, you need a hosting site that comes down firmly on the side of the customer when it comes to protecting their data and anonymity if you’re going to run a website in an age of increasing exposure. Sites like OrangeWebsite and others will help to make sure that you stay safe no matter what happens with Net Neutrality laws across the world.

It’s hard to say just how bad things can get, after all. Plus, even if they stay safe in some areas, they may not stay that way in others, and laws can always change at the drop of a hat. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you’re covered. Many in the U.S. were highly surprised by the development of ISPs claiming the right to sell the data of their customers to third parties, after all.

The whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere, and it could be a sign of worse and worse things to come. The more that those who want to decrease your anonymity for their own benefit find that they can get away with, the further they may be willing to go. By far, the best course is to get prepared to protect yourself early.

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