Organic Web Hosting

Organic Web Hosting
Organic Web Hosting

Organic Web Hosting

The word “organic” means “from the living”. Organically grown foods have become increasingly popular across the globe because they are thought to be healthier for humans and the planet. Organic foods are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides and the word itself has come to be identified with being “natural”. The word has become so widely accepted its use has spread beyond agriculture and is now even used in technology. Organic search engine rankings, for example, are non-paid rankings. They are generally achieved through search engine, algorithm-friendly tactics like pertinent and timely content and keyword and keyword phrases. There is another form of organics growing in popularity in the tech sector. It is that of organic web hosting.

What is Organic Web Hosting?

Organic hosting is web hosting that is accomplished using environmentally friendly, or “green” tactics, strategies, and facilities. While energy is obviously a critical part of powering data centers, organic hosting uses it in a more responsible manner. There can also be other elements to organic hosting like the use of efficient servers, minimized use of cooling equipment, and more. To understand the need for organic hosting options, one should first understand the significant use of electricity being used to power data centers.

Data Center Energy Use

We tend to forget that for every web page that is visited, email that is sent or online video that is viewed, energy is being consumed in a data center somewhere. It may be in a small closet-style server room or in a large facility but for every digital action, there is an electrical reaction. But it is more than just the energy to power servers that are using up massive amounts of energy. It takes significant cooling and air conditioning and power backup systems.

While some data centers have improved their energy efficiency, it is still estimated that 85% of data centers across the globe are using far more energy than is necessary. The challenge is, many data centers are located in located mild or temperate climates where air conditioning may be needed to cool them year round. In addition, some web hosting companies have their customer base largely in just a few time zones. Servers operate and use energy 24/7 but they may not be heavily accessed for a full third of the day. Web hosting companies may also be powered by electricity produced using fossil fuels which are anything but an “organic” way to operate.

Data tracking energy use from data centers was not even gathered in the United States until 2008. While indications were that energy use would flatten out due to the use of more efficient servers being deployed, the U.S. Government still estimates that 10% of all the energy it uses goes to powering data centers in the country. That is the equivalent of energy used in of millions of homes.

When it comes to energy consumption and pollution, data centers have been compared to the steel mills of the 1950’s and 1960’s. While they may not be responsible for huge amounts of air pollution, data centers are using an increasing amount of energy and contributing to the use of fossil fuels. The answer is more eco web hosting and organic web hosting solution providers.

Organic Web Hosting

Choosing as Your Organic Web Hosting Provider provides organic web hosting solutions you can feel good about. With data centers located in Iceland, the use of air conditioning is minimized, saving energy. Not only does save energy with its Icelandic location, but the country produces virtually all of its energy from renewable sources like geothermal. With a location between North America and Europe, our clients are in a large number of time zones. In fact, we have web hosting clients in over 100 countries worldwide. We even support green initiatives like the worlds biggest beach clean up and have most of our employees work from home to minimize travel, energy use, and to we create less traffic. But organic web hosting is more than just a “feel good” option. It can be good for business.

Growing Your Business with Organic Web Hosting

Businesses should choose an organic and eco web hosting solutions provider because it is the right thing to do. But it also can be a way to grow your business. Organic web hosting appeals to a growing market who wants to be associated with environmentally-friendly companies. We make a variety of easy to install digital “Green Seals” available to our customers. When placed on the pages of your website, these seals validate you as a company who utilizes “green” initiatives. It demonstrates your desire to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.

One of the best aspects of organic web hosting with is that there are no sacrifices to be made. We offer pricing that is extremely competitive along with a variety of hosting solutions to suit a wide range of companies. Our 24/7 support is responsive, knowledgeable, and available. We are located in a country that values its privacy and has some of the most internet protective policies in the world. With, you have our guarantee of a 99.9% uptime. We are an ultra-secure web hosting company and we accept multiple payment options from Bitcoin, altcoins to credit cards to cash by mail. Signing up with us is anonymous and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are in search of an organic, eco web hosting solutions provider, we encourage you to learn more about

Are Data Centers the Steel Plants of this Generation?

Data Center Pollution
Data Center Pollution

Are Data Centers the Steel Plants of this Generation?

There was a time when the United States and Europe were large steel producers. Today, China has grown to be the largest steel producing nation on the planet, followed by Japan and the United States. The fact is, China produces about half of the world’s steel. Along with that title, China has developed a pollution problem and a serious one. In fact, China reduced or shut down dozens of steel plants through the winter of 2017-2018 to curtail the out of control air pollution in the country. It is said to be the largest shutdown of steel mills in history. China is experiencing the problems of an industrialized economy, much like that was seen in the United States and Europe in the 1950’s and 1960’s when smog hung heavy in the air over most major cities. Certainly, the world needs steel but that has to be balanced with the critical importance of clean air and water.

As North America and Europe have become less industrialized and more stringent pollution standards have been put in place, air quality has improved. However, there is an area of growing concern when it comes to the use of fossil fuels and energy use. It is the increasing problem of the massive energy use being created by data centers.

While it may be hard to imagine how the internet can cause a potential problem for our planet, one needs only perform a little due diligence to recognize the problem is real and it is growing. The question must be asked, “Are data centers the steel plants of this generation?”

Data Center Pollution

A Look at the Numbers

The numbers are attention-grabbing and perhaps a bit alarming.

  • Industry research indicates there are about 9 million data centers across the globe.
  • These data centers are using almost 1.9 billion square feet of space.
  • These data centers are always running 24-hours each day, every day.
  • To stay available, servers are running 100% of the time, even when not in use or when being used very little.
  • 90% of worldwide data center server space is used by American companies.
  • Data centers account for 10% of all the power used by the United States Government.
  • There is a data center in the US for every 100 of its citizens

While the number of data centers are said to be declining, that number can be a bit deceptive. More companies are hosting in the cloud, rather than having their own data center. Then there is another concern ahead. That of self-driving cars.

As we get closer and closer to the time where autonomous driving cars and trucks become a reality, it will create an increasing demand for server space as cars communicate with GPS and other vehicles through the internet.

Even large companies who may consider themselves “green” should take another look at how and where their data is being stored. Small companies can benefit as well.

Energy Use and Data Centers

Consider the power it takes to operate the servers in some 9 million data centers across the planet. Now, think about the other power being used on other electrical powered items like lights and monitors. Consider the fuel used by employees of these centers traveling to and from work every day. The biggest user of energy, however, is a critical component to the health and well-being of large servers. It is air conditioning.

Cool air is critical in the smooth operation of computers and servers. Much of the world’s 1.9 billion square feet of data center space needs to be cooled. To make the environmental problem worse is that many countries where these data centers are located still rely heavily on non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuel. You can begin to see why data centers just may be the steel plants of this generation.

Data Center Pollution

The Answer is Eco Web Hosting

The answer lies in eco web hosting solutions from a company like OrangeWebsite is based in Iceland where over 99% of the energy is from renewable sources like geothermal. Because of Iceland’s cool climate, air conditioning use is minimized. Since we have clients in over 100 countries in multiple time zones, our server use is more spread out, making our 99.9% uptime guarantee effective use of energy. Additionally, most of our staff are urged to work at home, minimizing traffic and fuel use. Our commitment to a greener planet doesn’t stop there. We support eco-friendly causes to help combat damage that has already been done to our environment.

Eco web hosting with OrangeWebsite doesn’t mean you have to pay more or expect less. Our customer service is second to none and available 24/7 no matter where you live on the globe. We offer a variety of hosting plans and because our energy cost is less, you pay less. We accept everything from bitcoin to credit cards to cash by mail. Sign up is anonymous and your site is hosted in a country that values its internet privacy and freedoms. It is also a country considered one of the world’s safest when it comes to data centers. With OrangeWebsite there are no fears as we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You will have the added benefit of displaying the Green Seal proudly on your website, verifying to users that you are environmentally friendly when it comes to your web hosting.

Join us in spreading the word about eco web hosting and put the Green Seal on your website. Visit and select from a choice of plans to suit your needs. OrangeWebsite is your 100% green web hosting solutions provider.

Why Even Small Businesses Should Promote Eco Web Hosting

Eco Webhosting
Eco WebHosting

When competing against larger, better-financed competitors, small businesses need to take advantage of every tool available to them. Small businesses need to be more agile and make better decisions because they have less room for error. This is true for a bricks and mortar business as well as those marketing strictly online.

Businesses, especially smaller ones, need to stay ahead of the trends in marketing and advertising and in how changing demographics are affecting how and why people make buying decisions. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, for example, Millennials are now the largest population group on the planet. Those born between 1982 and 2000 now make up about 25% of the population but they spend about 28% of all daily consumer spending. Forbes Magazine says that this expected to increase to 35% in the next 12 years. They already spend about $600 billion annually. That is a lot of buying power. Millennials, however, don’t necessarily make buying decisions like those before them. Understanding how they make decisions can help increase your odds of appealing to this market.

Millennials are taking longer to get married and buy a house. Many are just as satisfied renting apartments in urban areas and using bicycles or ride-sharing apps than buying a car. They also use different criteria when choosing where to make their consumer purchases. They want purchases to be simple, easy, and they expect superior customer service. They often put as much weight in online reviews as they would asking a family member about a product or service. They also want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This includes how their consumer dollars impact others and the environment.

Millennials often buy from companies who reflect their own views on life. For this generation, they frequently care more about how and where products are produced than their predecessors. They appreciate companies who conduct business responsibly. They care about FairTrade, organics, and companies who operate in an environmentally friendly fashion. They appreciate the value of “green” products and practices. Research indicates that a significant portion is even willing to pay more for products that meet their standards.

How does this impact your small business? It means taking steps to position your company as environmentally friendly can pay dividends, especially with this younger, valuable demographic. Taking steps to be green can be relatively simple, especially when it comes to eco-friendly web hosting.

Why Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Is Important

Most companies, including small businesses, choose web hosting based on some relatively straightforward criteria.

  1. Price
  2. Customer and Technical Assistance
  3. Guaranteed Uptime
  4. Features

There are reasons you should consider adding a fifth criteria to your list. That is choosing a web hosting solutions company that is eco-friendly.

First, eco-friendly web hosting can save a significant amount of energy. The U.S, Government alone says about 10% of all the energy it uses goes to power its data centers. If data centers used in the country were just 20% more efficient, the country could save more than 20 billion kWh by 2020. That is a cost savings of about $2 billion. It is further estimated that for every 1 kW of power saved in powering IT equipment, another 2 kW of power is saved in the data center itself. By 2020, data centers will potentially create more pollution than the airline transportation industry.

When you choose web hosting from, your website is being hosted in Iceland, a country where all of its energy is provided by renewable energy sources. In Iceland, 75% of energy comes from hydroelectric and 25% coming from geothermal sources. We are also eco-friendly because our cooler climate minimizes the use of air conditioning in our data centers. As an added bonus, Iceland is also among the world’s leaders in maintaining free speech and anonymity on the internet.

Eco Webhosting

How Eco-Friendly Hosting Can Help Your Small Business

Because eco friendly web hosting uses less energy it is often more affordable for small businesses. In addition, when you host at, you can display the “Green Seal” on your website. This seal tells your visitors and potential customers, that you are hosting in an environmentally friendly fashion. When consumers, in particular, Millennials, are making a buying decision, this seal could help make the difference. It is another advantage, another tool, that you should use in promoting your business. We provide use of Green Site Seals free to all of web hosting customers. Placing the seal in a visible spot on your website is easy and doesn‘t require any programming skills. takes our role in protecting the environment seriously. We allow most of our staff to work exclusively from their homes, saving energy and creating less traffic. We support various environmental organizations and foundations to help their work in preserving our planet.  Through the Canope Project, we are planting 250-1000 new trees every month to reverse the deforestation of rainforests. OrangeWebsite is a smart and responsible choice to host your website.

The best part may be that eco-friendly web hosting with is affordable and easy to accomplish. There are no sacrifices with OrangeWebsite’s eco-friendly hosting solutions. We offer secure hosting solutions and 24/7 support. Our hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime. You can even sign up anonymously. OrangeWebsite accepts Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and cash by mail.

Take the step to more responsible web hosting and take advantage of this valuable tool to better position your business with Millennials. Contact today!

The Significant Positive Impact Eco Web Hosting Makes

Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting

When most think about green initiatives, we think about how they relate to the automotive, industrial, and commercial transportation industry. Few of us may consider the impact the constantly growing technology sector is having on our environment. The reality is that web hosting is expected to produce as much pollution as the airline industry by the year 2020.

The U.S. Department of Energy has compiled some eye-opening facts about energy use in the country. Here are just several of them.

  • More than 85% of Americans have computers in their households with 70% of those connected to the internet. This not only represents a significant amount of traffic but an extremely large consumer base conducting a variety of e-commerce activities on the internet. All of this activity consumes bandwidth and the need for increasing server space, including those of increasingly extensive video files.
  • There is a data center in the United States for every 100 people. That is an astounding 3 million data centers in the U.S. alone. These centers do not only require energy to power the servers themselves but the entire facility where they are located. It is estimated that for every 1 kW of power saved in powering IT equipment, another 2 kW of power is saved in the data center itself.
  • The U.S. Government itself uses a great deal of energy for its own data centers. The government projects that a full 10% of the entire energy used by the United States Government goes to powering data centers.
  • The vast majority of data centers are located in bricks and mortar, small to medium sized businesses. These businesses house these servers in anywhere from closet space to larger “cool rooms”. In most cases, these facilities are energy inefficient. The Department of Energy estimates that less than 10% of all server space is “in the cloud” in large, more efficient data centers.
  • If data centers used in the U.S. were just 20% more efficient, the country could save more than 20 billion kWh by 2020, translating to about $2 billion in cost savings. That is a significant number that could translate to a serious impact on the environment if we don’t take appropriate steps.

These statistics demonstrate the amount and scope of energy use of servers and data centers today. It seems technology and web hosting have just continued to grow without much regard to their impact on the environment. That is changing as server companies who offer web hosting solutions realize the benefits to its customers and the planet. At the very same time, more individual business who have their websites hosted are in search of server solutions that can help improve their “green” image. Together, these forces are raising awareness of the significant impact eco web hosting can make.

Eco Web Hosting Badges

Why Host with an Eco Web Hosting Company?

Eco web hosting companies make a conscious and concerted effort to make sure their hosting solutions have a minimum negative impact on the environment. At, our servers are located in Iceland, a country committed to the use of renewable energy sources. In Iceland, for example, 100% of energy is provided by renewable sources with 75% coming from hydroelectric and 25% coming from geothermal sources. The significant amount of geothermal energy available is due to the fact the country takes advantage of its extensive network of volcanic roots.

In addition to its use of renewable energy resources, Iceland’s cooler climate greatly reduces the need for air conditioning, one of the greatest ongoing expenses for web hosting solution companies. This not only significantly reduces energy use and minimizes negative ecological impact but it reduces costs as well. This is savings is able to pass down to our customers. This is already a powerful combination of ecological and economical benefits. There is still more to come, however, when you host or co-located with

The Marketing Value of Eco Web Hosting

Beyond the fact that eco web hosting conserves energy, is ecologically friendly, and can be cost-effective, there is another significant reason to “go green.” When you host with eco web hosting provider, you can proudly display the “Green Seal” on your website, letting the world know that you are taking an environmentally friendly approach to your business. This seal draws like-minded people to your organization and can improve market share and loyalty. Many business to business and business to consumer websites are seeing the value of displaying the Green Seal.

There are plenty of benefits to going green when it comes to technology especially in the use of eco web hosting. It is also the right thing to do. If your company has yet to consider these benefits, we encourage you to learn more about Our company was founded on the premise of providing eco-friendly solutions to web hosting. All of our operations, including web hosting servers, operate on green energy. Our location in Iceland provides nearly unlimited natural energy resources. Hence, we have chosen geothermal and hydropower to run our services. Our Icelandic location also provides for lower air conditioning costs and more efficient overall operations. It also happens to be that Iceland has been named the world’s safest location for web hosting.

At we even go a step further in providing eco web hosting. We proactively support various environmental organizations like the Worlds Biggest Beach Clean Up and foundations to help them in their work preserving our planet. We take part in the Canope Project, replenishing trees in rainforests that serve as the planet’s lungs. To keep our planet green and to help reverse damage already done, we are planting 250-1000 new trees every month. We invite you to support us in our efforts.

Understanding the full impact of technology and data centers on our planet is an excellent way to move forward with eco-friendly hosting solutions. We encourage you to visit to learn more and to join us in green technology eco-friendly hosting solutions.

It’s Easy Going “Green”

Green Web Hosting - Going Green
Green Web Hosting - Going Green

Going Green

Operating on an environmentally friendly basis is becoming more important for both individuals and companies. From using recyclable shopping bags to more energy efficient automobiles, we are all taking steps in protecting our planet. Even if you do not have a bricks and mortar business, you may be surprised at some of the steps you can take and some of the benefits you can enjoy by operating in environmentally responsible ways.

For large and small companies alike, operating “green” is not only the right thing to do for the Earth, it is becoming increasingly important for the profitability of your company.

What Is Operating Green?

Operating green means looking at every aspect of your company and choosing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly options. Operating green means choosing more efficient lighting, reusing or recycling waste, using more fuel efficient vehicles, and looking for more energy efficient power options.

There is one critical step in operating your business on a green basis that is relatively simple to take. It is choosing green companies when selecting your vendors. Choosing environmentally friendly resources can make it easy for your company to become green.

Ways Operating “Green” Is Good for Your Business

When you select partner companies who are operating in an environmentally friendly way, you begin to build a network of green vendors. This alone makes you a greener company, even if your business is limited in what it can do directly to become more Earth friendly. This is particularly true of digital and internet-based companies who may not have a large brick and mortar presence.

Operating green and using green partners is good for your company in multiple ways:

  • It will likely save you money. It is pretty simple, saving energy saves you money. Business and vendors who operate in environmentally friendly ways frequently operate more efficiently. This often makes them more cost-effective and competitively priced.
  • It enhances your marketing. Promoting your green initiatives can help position your company better in its marketing. More consumers and businesses are in search of companies to partner with who operate in Earth friendly ways. By making green choices internally and with your vendor partners, you will likely attract more consumers. Displaying a Green Seal on your website can attract like-minded customers.
  • It is the right thing to do. Most of us understand that being less wasteful, saving energy, and recycling is the right thing to do. Making environmentally sustainable choices in your business will make you feel better about how you operate and make your potential customers feel better about working with you.

For those in search of green web hosting, it seems Iceland may be the perfect location.

Green Energy and Web Hosting in Iceland - Going Green

Green Energy and Web Hosting in Iceland

More businesses are discovering the green benefits of web hosting in Iceland. Why is choosing hosting in this secluded country a popular choice for companies looking to operate green? There are two important reasons.

  1. A cool climate. Keeping servers cool in a data center is critical to their uninterrupted operation. Servers themselves create heat and, of course, there’s the outside temperatures to manage. Air conditioning in data centers in popular locations like New York and other large cities use a significant amount of energy. This also contributes to the costs of hosting there. Iceland’s cooler climate uses less air conditioning and less electricity.
  2. Cheap, renewable energy. Iceland is noted for its renewable energy initiatives. As energy use for data centers increases across the world, this is a country that is making the most of renewable resources. Iceland is also noted for its low energy costs, especially when compared to large cities. Hydroelectric and geothermal power supply the vast majority of energy in the country with fossil fuels accounting for less than .2% of energy production.

With energy contributing as the single largest expense for data centers across the globe, it is easy to see why more companies are selecting Iceland web hosting.

Choosing Orange to be Green is your 100% green web hosting solution. Our data center is located in Iceland, using geothermal and hydroelectric power to run our servers. We operate in other environmentally responsible ways as well. Most of our staff operates remotely from home, reducing traffic, fuel use, emissions, and use of building space and energy. Not only are we supporting green initiatives, we are trying to reverse the effects of over-population and pollution by participating in the Canope Project. This project is replenishing rain forests by planting 250-1000 new trees each month. Placing our Green Site seal on your website lets your visitors know they are working with an environmentally responsible organization.

For affordable, socially, and environmentally smart web hosting with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, contact, where it’s easy being green.